Online Casino Slots

Era of slot machines can be divided into three periods. Mechanical era, electromechanical, and computer. The first mechanical machine was invented and made in 1895 in the U.S., a mechanic from San Francisco – Charles Feem and was named «Liberty Bell», ie the translation Liberty Bell. Reminder of this first one-armed bandit is currently serving as a symbol of cracked bells, which first appeared in the machine and is still found in modern video slots.

“Liberty Bell” represented the typical three reels with ten symbols on each wheel. When the coincidence of three identical characters in one line player wins – up 50 cents. Hitherto not known exactly why the first slot machine was called just that – “Liberty Bell”. Some believe that this is a tribute to the inventor of the North American United States. Others believe the name of more than philosophical.

A roll of the slot machine three identical symbols – bell rang the bell, signifying to the player cash prize and, accordingly, a certain degree of freedom and independence which give money. But in 1907, manufacturing of slot machines were delivered to the flow of the Chicago industrialist Herbert Mills. Was taken as a basis for “Liberty Bell”, and produced by Mills slot machines have a similar name – the “Operator Bell”. By the way it is in these slots had such well-known amateurs slots symbols such as: cherries, lemons and plums. In Britain, for example, are still slots are called “fruit bandits.”

Later, slot machines are electromechanical. The principle remained the same, only set in motion machines do not present with a mechanical spring, and by means of electric motors. At the same time, began to increase the number of reels and symbols printed on them. But a real revolution in the field of slot machines began with the 70-ies, along with ubiquitous computing. Video poker, spin the reels simulated on a computer monitor, it all became a harbinger of a new revolution in the world of gambling.

Modern slot machines stunning and varied, and, like computer games year after year are getting better and better. Playing on dozens of lines, hundreds of different characters, a variety of bonus games, this is not all that offer advanced video slots. In addition, today many thousands of slot machines networked, allowing players to not only play together against the casino, but playing with each other, as well as by contributions from each wager to win a giant jack pots, the price of several million dollars.

However, this is not the most important thing in slot machines, a new generation. Their main value is that in the acute competition slots manufacturers and game programs, minimize and reduce as it is in fact (you with unquestionable accuracy can be assured!) the usa casinos online advantage to a level of 1-2%, and sometimes even fewer. Some slot machines at certain hours and days do become profitable for the players, encouraging them to further the game.